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Are you trying to get an unsecured loan but keep getting turned down from payday lenders? Here at Payday Lenders Now we want to give you as many lending opportunities as possible to get same day cash loans. Take some time and compare the top direct tribal lenders in our list of tribal loan companies. Don't waste time searching for a company near you! Instead use our directory of tribal lenders and get cash today!

Plain Green Loans

Plain Green is a large sovereign lenders that offers tribal installment loans of $1,000 with larger amounts for returning customers. They claim over 1 million customers over the past decade.

American Web Loan

AWL is a direct tribal that offers same day loans up to $2,500. They promise no collateral is required and you can apply online, over the phone or on their mobile app and get funds in 24 hrs.


Spotloan is a direct lender that claims to offer an alternative to payday loans. Payment terms average 10 months and you can borrow up to $1,000. The offer online tribal loans in 45 states.

Bright Lending

Bright Lending is tribal lender that offers loans in 40 states. Loan amounts average $600 and you need an active checking account and proof of employment to qualify for 24 hour cash.


MobiLoans is a tribal lending entity that instead of payday loans offers direct lines of credit. Funding maxes out at $2,500 and they claim no hidden fees or early payment penalties.


Uprova is one of the oldest tribal loan companies and they fund installment loans with cash in 30 mins. They report payment history to the credit bureaus which may increase your FICO score.

River Valley Loans

River Valley has loan amounts higher than other tribal lenders with funding levels near $3,000. They work in 42 states & you can cancel the loan one day after you get the cash with no penalty.

Zoca Loans

Zoca is a nationwide company that offers tribal personal loans with pre-approval in 15 minutes with next day funding. You don't need good credit & loan amounts go from $200 to $1,500.

How Does A Tribal Loan Work And What Do I Need To Qualify

A tribal loan is a type of personal loan offered by some online lenders who are part of or affiliated with Native American tribes. These loans can be used for many purposes, such as paying off higher interest credit card debt, taking care of emergency expenses, or funding car repairs that you can't do with out. Remember, these are high interest loans, and you should only work with a company that offers tribal installment loans if you absolutely have to!

To qualify for a tribal loan, you typically need good credit and make at least $1,000 per month. Some lenders may also require that you provide proof of employment and income through pay stubs or tax returns. Additionally, you may have to demonstrate that you can repay the amount borrowed without any issues. This could mean providing bank statements showing regular deposits into your account or setting up direct withdrawals from your checking account each month.

If you think a tribal loan is right for you, ask about the specific eligibility requirements to determine if you are likely to qualify. With the right preparation and planning, you may use this type of financing to achieve your financial goals!

Is It Safe To Get A Tribal Loan From A Direct Lender

When getting a tribal loan, one of the main things you will likely be concerned about is whether or not it is safe to apply with a company that may not be licensed in your state. After all, these are high interest loans. If you fall behind on your payments, you could face serious consequences like a wage garnishment or even lawsuits. However, as long as you research and choose a reputable lender with your best interests in mind, getting a tribal loan can be a secure way to get some extra cash when you need it most.

Many different factors go into determining whether or not a tribal installment lender is trustworthy and safe to borrow from. For example, you should look for companies that have been in business for several years and have some type of affiliation with the Native America Financial Services Association.

Most companies that provide tribal installment loans are not licensed to provide loans in many states. This is because tribes claim a sovereign nation is offering loans. However, that doesn't mean that these lenders aren't held accountable for their actions. The federal government can and does step in regarding tribal lending. There have been many cases of lenders being sued or even shut down when their practices were found to be misleading.

Overall, it is safe to get a tribal loan as long as you choose your lender carefully and never borrow more than you can afford to repay. However, with responsible borrowing and good money management skills, this financing can help you achieve your financial goals!

Are Tribal Loans Different From Payday Loans And Personal Loans

Tribal loans are similar to payday and personal loans in that you can get approved quickly and there's little emphasis on your credit history. Also, these types of loans are seldom offered by banks and credit unions and most companies provide completely online applications. However, there are some critical differences between these types of loans that will impact the terms and conditions of your loan agreement and the fees you may have to pay.

One difference between tribal installment loans and other types of personal financing is that many tribes only offer unsecured lending options. This means that no collateral is required for you to obtain access to the funds you need. For example, payday lenders typically require you to provide a post-dated check to secure the loan amount borrowed against any outstanding fees or penalties. In contrast, tribal lenders do not require you to provide any collateral for your loan.

Another difference between tribal loans and other types of unsecured personal financing is that these loans are typically designed as installment loans. The borrower has a set number of months to repay the borrowed amount. For example, if you borrow $500 and have 6 months to pay it back, you will make 6 equal payments each month totaling $500 until the entire balance has been repaid. Other native lenders may offer short-term lending products like payday installments or even longer terms such as 48-month installment loans where there are no renewals available.

When deciding whether a tribal loan is right for you, we recommend starting with our list of tribal lenders above. In this directory, we've reviewed and documented many of the largest companies offering loans on a Native American Indian Reservation. Compare the APR and payment terms for each company that stands out and review the different contracts and loan estimates before you pick up the cash! Payday Lenders Now has long been seen as a leader among direct payday loan sites and we strive to do the same with tribal loans!

Don't want a tribal loan? View our list of direct payday lenders!

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